Yahoo! Store Floating Cart (Mini Cart) Installation

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Yahoo! Store's floating cart allows you to display information regarding order, shipping, and store promotion to customers, while they shop! This keeps them from having to leave the shopping page to go to the shopping cart each time they add an item to the cart. With the purchase of our Mini Cart installation, you have access to the following features through the Yahoo! Store's mini Cart Manager:
  • Display the items that are currently in the shopper's cart, along with quantities.
  • Displaying the order subtotal.
  • Allow customers to increase or decrease the quantity of each item ordered, and to remove items.
  • Giving customers the ability to calculate shipping costs.
  • Allow customers to apply a coupon to their order.
  • Offer a free shipping promotion, and display messages both before and after an order qualifies for free shipping.
Yahoo! Store mini-cart allows customers to see a complete summary of their order information, including the number of items and order subtotal. Don't miss out on this opportunity!! Please note: Some Yahoo stores have existing customization (Coding, Frameworks, Javascript files) that will require extensive recoding to make Yahoo's floating cart work properly. If our programmers encounter any issues, we will let you know right away so we can give you a quote for the price of any additional work. If you choose not to continue, due to the cost of the additional work, we will simply cancel your order. Yahoo is releasing updates for this code during these early days. If your current store structure is incompatible with the new floating cart, Yahoo may come out with a new update.
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